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Department of Power Mechanical Engineering

National Tsing Hua University


  Distinguished Features

   The first university provides comprehensive courses on Mecha-tronics at mechanical engineering department.

   Since 2001, we have been moving from mecha-tronics to opto-mecha-tronics by providing courses, researches, and industrial collaborations.

   We train our students to have good knowledge on fundamental theories and hands-on experiences.

   Students are required to take “Senior Design Projects” to integrate their knowledge learned in four years into a real device or a system.


  Key Research Fields

   Power and Energy Systems Technology

  Aerospace and Aeronautical Technology

  Electric Powered Vehicle Systems

  Energy Resources

  Solar Energy Technology

  Fuel Cell Technology

  Combined Power Cycles/Systems

   Opto-mechatronic Systems Technology

  Mechanical/Electrical System Integration and Control

  Design and Precision Manufacturing Technology for Opto-mechatronic Products

  Mechanical Vision Techniques

  Robot Technology

  Microelectronic and Photonic Packaging Techniques

   Nano and Micro Technology

  Integration of Nano/Micro-scale Mechatronic Systems

  Design and Precision Manufacturing Techniques for Micro/Nano Sensors, Controllers and Actuators

  RF MEMS/NEMS, Optical MEMS/NEMS, Bio MEMS/NEMS, Electronics Peripheral MEMS/NEMS



  Bio Electro-Mechanical Systems

  Lab on Chip/ Micro Total Analysis Systems


  Medical Robotics

Programs for Graduate Study

1. Thermo-Fluids Engineering

2. Electrical and Control

3. Micro/Nano and Solid Mechanics

4. Design and Manufacturing

5. Opto-Mechatronics

6. Bio-engineering

7. AI & Mechatronic Informatics


 Graduate Students Recruitment

   Fall Semester Application Period: January 1- March 15

   Spring Semester Application Period: September 1- November 1

   The Office of Global Affairs, NTHU is in charge of international student recruitment, please refer to their website (http://oga.nthu.edu.tw/index/index/lang/en) for detailed information regarding the application procedures.

  For further information, please visit following websites:

1. Department of Power Mechanical Engineering at /index.php?Lang=en

2. Office of global Affairs, NTHU at http://oga.nthu.edu.tw/index/index/lang/en

3. NTHU at http://nthu-en.web.nthu.edu.tw/index.php


Or contact our professor in charge:

Li, Sheng-Shian

Professor, Vice Chair

Dept. of Power Mechanical Engineering,

National Tsing Hua University

101 Sec 2, Kuang-Fu Rd, Hsinchu 30013, Taiwan

Tel: +886-3-516-2401

Fax: +886-3-572-2840

E-mail: ssli@mx.nthu.edu.tw