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Dr. Wei-Leun Fang, NTHU Chair Professor


Dr. Fang received his Ph.D. degree from Carnegie Mellon University in 1995. He joined the department in 1996, where he is now a chair Professor as well as a faculty of NEMS Institute. He has established a world-class MEMS testing and characterization lab. His research interests include MEMS with emphasis on micro fabrication/packaging technologies, micro optical systems, microactuators, and the characterization of the mechanical properties of thin films.

03-5742923 fang(a)pme.nthu.edu.tw Google scholar
Room 522, Engineering Building I MEMS Lab Lab video

Lab contact Info: #33742(R532), #33739(R417), #42605(R416);    Assitant Office: #42494(R423)

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