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Dr. Takehiko Kitamori, Yushan Honorary Chair Professor


Dr. Takehiko Kitamori received his BS degree in the Department of Pure and Applied Science in 1980 and his Ph.D. degree in engineering in 1989, both from The University of Tokyo. Dr. Kitamori is Yushan Honorary Chair Professor (2020-present). Before joining the NTHU, he was Vice President of the University of Tokyo, responsible for Human Resource Development and Internationalization (2012-14), Dean of Faculty and Graduate School of Engineering (2010-12), and a researcher at Hitachi's Energy Research Lab (1980-89). He is the author of more than 300 journal papers and has written over 50 book chapters. His research areas are Micro/Extended-Nano Fluidics, Extended-Nano Space Chemistry, Applied Laser Spectroscopy for Analytical Chemistry, and Large-scale Parallelizing of Microfluidic Systems.

03-5715131 ext. 33973 kitamori(a)mx.nthu.edu.tw Lab video
Room 318, Delta Building Kitamori Group

Lab contact Info: #80627(Delta R324);    Assitant Office: #80632(Delta R320), #33973(Delta R320)


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